We are going to be featuring each of our amazing Chocolate Affair Gala vendors who have so graciously agreed to participate in our event this year!

Written by: Leslie Scott, Community Relations Coordinator

This week on FEATURE FRIDAY is Fruit Couture!

Who doesn't love chocolate covered fruit?!

I first met Jacqueline (Jackie) back in the late fall when our planning for the Chocolate Affair Gala was starting to form.  Over some hot chocolate (of course) we talked about what the Chocolate Affair Gala is and how having chocolate covered fruit would be an amazing addition!

Jackie is one creative lady!  (Personally, I can't decorate my way out of a cardboard box) She has even been featured in Ottawa's Wedding Magazine, showcasing her gorgeous work with a chocolate dipped strawberry tower!  Any couple getting married would sure wow their guests with something so lovely!

Fruit Couture has been very busy with Valentine's Day and Easter, wedding season and their online shop, so Jackie was able to spare just a few minutes to answer some questions for you, our readers, to learn more about Fruit Couture!

First and foremost, what is Fruit Couture all about? 

Fruit Couture is about gifting in a fun and healthy way which, is actually how we started. After creating an owl fruit sculpture for a friend's baby shower, I knew I had to develop this idea into a business. Being able to gift something that is nutritious and appealing felt great - not only for the recipient but the sender as well. Hand crafted fruit designs and chocolate to compliment is what Fruit Couture is all about!

What brought you working with fruit and chocolate?

Chocolate and fruit are actually two of my favourite things to eat! Eating fruit and chocolate is great but combining both of them together is complete satisfaction. Especially when you have those sweet cravings, minus the guilt. At Fruit Couture our main focus has always been dipping strawberries however, we didn't want to limit ourselves because we know everyone has different tastes. The combinations of dipping other fruits such as apples, cherries, oranges, bananas, and even mango is so incredibly delicious that we could not bare to not offer such great treats. 


What's your favourite piece to create?

To be honest, I love making them all so much! However, if I had to choose I would say that creating fruit carvings from watermelon is one of them because you have to really get into the zone and get creative. Another favourite piece is our Strawberry Tower which is a tower filled with fresh roses and chocolate covered strawberries some with candy pearls and a touch of edible gold. It really creates an elegant vibe to any table if used as a centrepiece. which is why it is also a favourite.

How did you get into fruit carving?

The very first piece I made was a gift which was a simple owl fruit sculpture that required some carving, I then started receiving more requests for more intricate designs, for example a soccer ball watermelon carving. I really enjoy making fruit carvings and wanted to offer these pieces because of their uniqueness and also wanted people to know that they don't have to be at a buffet restaurant on a resort or cruise to see an exotic fruit carving when they can now order it through Fruit Couture.

Where do you see Fruit Couture in the next few years?

In the next few years, we would definitely like to expand to a store front retail location in Ottawa and would also like to continue growing by partnering with other gift shops and businesses who would like to carry our products.

What can you tell our guests or those thinking about coming to the Chocolate Affair Gala about what to expect from Fruit Couture?

We are delighted to be at the Chocolate Affair Gala for the first time this year. We know it is for such a great cause and while everyone is there to fundraise, we also know that indulging in chocolate is definitely a part of it and will lead to a great night! At the gala you will be able to taste a variation of different chocolate dipped fruit and treats we have to offer.

We are very excited to have Jackie & Fruit Couture on board for our Chocolate Affair Gala this year.  I truly think you'll be amazed!

For more insight into Fruit Couture visit them at: 

With just less than a month away to our big event, we have 40 tickets left to sell to reach a sold our event!  Now is the time to buy!