Host a Fundraising Event

Hey you!  Yes, you. You're a creative, dynamic & connected individual who knows how to be the host with the most!

Whether it's your school, work or just on your own, hosting your fundraising event is an excellent way to support the Distress Centre of Ottawa & Region. These benefits are two-fold: not only do you raise much needed funds to donate, you also increase the awareness of the Distress Centre and its services as well!


We can help you with your event!

We are so grateful for the time & effort you put into events for our benefit.  We understand the amount of work and manpower it takes to have a successful event.  We are able to help in ways that are potentially above and beyond what you've already done!

  • Customized media advisories can be sent out to our media contacts in radio, television & print
  • Social media sharing through our own Facebook, Twitter & Instagram
  • Access to sharing your event with 200+ volunteers, staff & Board of Directors


Event Examples

Sometimes you just need a great idea to get off the ground!  We have been the recipients of some very unique events (Yoga for Charity, Airsoft Tournaments, Benefit Concerts, Bake Sales, Comedy Shows, Sporting Events, Pub Nights, Office Parties, and more!), so if you have an idea, and want to run it by us, please do!  You can speak with our Community Relations Coordinator, Leslie Scott about your event ideas!  No idea is too big or too small.