Recurring Donations

People of all ages, races, gender, and social-economic groups call our confidential service, trusting that we'll always be here.

Setting Up A Recurring Donation

The Distress Centre of Ottawa and Region is appreciative and thankful for your consideration into making an ongoing donation to our charity.

We have scoured the internet to find quality solutions for our one-time donations and recurring donations. While we have something that is great for our one-time donations, it does not work for recurring payments as well as we hoped.

Due to COVID-19, times are tough and we have to ensure we're making the most of every donated dollar.  There are options for you to consider.

2 Recurring Options For You To Consider:

    1. Canada Helps is an online funding system for charities to use. They take care of all of the technical, security like PCI compliance, and they do have a user friendly online system that is clean and simple. CanadaHelps comes with its own fees which are removed from your donation.  It is not ideal for us but we understand that some monthly donors would prefer an online system for them to donate. If this is you, please go to Canada Helps to set up your donation and please know we love and appreciate your donations.

      Set-up CanadaHelps Donation

    1. Offline Donation - we make the most of your dollars
      If you agree that your dollars are important and you want them spent on services and not fees, then we are asking if you could allow our Director of Corporate Services to call you to get your credit card number and the amount you wish to give each month. With you on the phone, she logs into our merchant's website and she enters in your credit card details into their backend secure system. This bypasses any online system and saves us 4-6% of your donation. It also saves us money on web development, monthly maintenance and so much more.


    Above all, please recognize that we are trying something new to see if we can protect our monthly donations and get the most out of every dollar you give us. Feel free to contact us if you have comments or suggestions so that we can make this better for our monthly donors.

    Allow Us to Call You

    Please use this form to allow us to have Judy call you to get your credit card details.