Our Volunteers work hard to answer each and every call but they can't do it alone.

We rely on a caring community to help maintain our services 24 Hours A Day, for people who are in distress or crisis.  We look to people like you who want a better quality of life in our community, and greater opportunities for people to thrive. We can’t operate without your compassion, tremendous generosity and your belief in what we do.

Your Donations Help Support Critical Mental Health Services

24/7 Distress & Crisis Line

Since1969, we have offered support to members of the the community on issues that impact their well-being or ability to cope. From emotional support, and problem solving, to crisis and suicide intervention.  We are here for over 60,000 calls per year.

Awareness & Education

It takes work to build awareness.  We attend community events, deliver training programs, distribute educational materials and participate in media interviews. We also run annual campaigns to attract volunteers.  Please Donate and help us spread the word!

Critical Technology

Technology is critical to maintaining our crisis response team. From our complex phone systems integrated with Paramedic and Police services, to our data management system which allow us to access information on the more than 4,000 services and organizations that we refer our callers to, our systems need to continually evolve to keep pace. Donations to our Technology fund help us ensure that our volunteers are there when they're needed. 

200 Volunteers

Over 200 volunteers are on The Distress Centre phones each year. These highly-trained volunteers provide compassionate support to anyone in distress. 200 Volunteers x 200 hours means 40,000 phone hours per year. Help us support them in the vital work they do.

When you donate to the Distress Centre of Ottawa and Region, you are contributing to improved public awareness on mental health issues and access to supports. Donations aid people in crisis and help prevent suicide.

Your Dollars in Action

$25.00 provides snacks & beverages for a day for our volunteers

$50.00 keeps our phone lines open for one hour

$100.00 helps our digital communication reach 1,000 people

$250 pays for a volunteer to complete Suicide prevention training

$1500 provides training for a class of 15 new volunteers

Donations to our technology fund help us keep our data systems and phones up to date

Thank you to our recent donors:

Patrick donated $300 and says "Thanks to the BTR team of Milke and Andy for helping with the Christmas lights... and from Maggie remembering her time volunteering with you many years ago."

"A roommate of mine killed himself 3.5 years ago, so if I can help prevent someone else from marking that decision..."  - Alice

"I'm inspired by my friend who is a longtime Distress Centre volunteer!" - Lis

"I'm donating on behalf of our workplace who collected donations once a week to have Fridays off this summer!"

We would like to recognize the generosity of Richardson Wealth who through their Client Appreciation Event at the Ottawa Art Gallery raised $4 000.

Donate Today To Keep The Lines Open