What is safeTALK all about?

safeTALK prepares the participant to identify persons with thoughts of suicide and to connect them to suicide first-aid resources.  This workshop can be valuable to anyone who interacts with others, either professionally or socially, to engage with someone who may be having thoughts of suicide.

With safeTALK, participants in just 3 hours can learn how to:

  • Move beyond common tendencies to miss, dismiss or avoid suicide
  • Identify people who have thoughts of suicide
  • Apply the TALK steps to connect a person with suicide thoughts to a suicide first-aid intervention caregiver

safeTALK is available to individuals 15 years and older and can be facilitated in either French or English.  Powerful video clips illustrate both non-alert and alert responses while discussion and practice help stimulate learning.  Learn steps that contribute to saving lives.


How much does safeTALK cost?

The cost for the safeTALK workshop is $60 per participant. Note that the number of participants must be between 15 and 30 to book a workshop.

safeTALK complements the 2-day ASIST workshop, but it is not mandatory to complete both courses.

How can I book a safeTALK session?

Easy!  Simply fill out our online request form to get started or click the Register button below to sign-up for our next session.

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